Not Your Usual Independence Day Weekend

US flag at SonicNet office The July 4th holiday 2021 is setting up to be spectacular here in the Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Northwoods.  Perfect lake weather, businesses booming, visitors everywhere!  Last year, in the throes of the pandemic, we sadly had many closed retail shops, restaurants and event venues.  But not this year!

At SonicNet, we have welcomed back our second-home customers and families for a summer we expect to be like no other.  Now that everyone knows how much work can be done at the lake, many are staying up north longer than ever.  Streaming services are now replacing satellite TV, online classes can be completed from here, and even those doctor appointments that often required trips back home are now manageable with telehealth visits.  We continue to make sure our network is robust and ready for everyone.

The past year has shown us how resilient we all are.  When COVID-19 forced us indoors and hunkered down at home, we found ways to stay connected.  My 80-year-old mother Zooms and Facetimes like a pro.  She didn’t think in 2019 that would be likely.  But the need to communicate is strong, and humans usually find a way to overcome obstacles.  Students of all ages found out that online learning can be fun, and teachers ramped up very quickly to not skip a beat.

At SonicNet, we’re proud to be the provider of that connectivity.  We love the Northwoods, and we’ve all chosen “God’s Country” as our home.  And there is nothing more important to us than making sure our neighbors have the access needed to reach the world from this little slice of heaven.

In 2021, we will celebrate Independence Day with hearts full of gratitude for our freedom from disease, freedom to live where we wish, and freedom to enjoy the great relationships we share with our customers.  Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!

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Lori Collins