New Information for Residents Around Bass Lake and E Cranberry Lake, Eagle River

We haven’t had a lot to report the past few weeks, but we are starting to perform site surveys at homes on our waiting list.  This means that we come out to the home and mark with white flags where we intend to bury the cable from the roadway to the house.
Then we contact Digger’s Hotline for them to mark any underground cables or pipes within the planned work area.  We also send the customer SonicNet’s Underground Release form so that they can let us know about any buried material within the work area that Digger’s Hotline may not mark, such as personally buried electric lines or invisible fence cables for pets.
Within two weeks of our receipt of that form, we schedule the installation of the cable along the flagged path.
We are waiting for one item to be shipped to us for the road right-of-way cable, and then the splicer will come in and connect all the glass fiber strands to each other where you see orange tubes sticking up out of the ground.  Tests will then be performed to make sure everything is operating as expected, and then we’ll start turning on customer connections.
We will contact customers who have requested service to let them know when we will be out to place the white flags.
Please note for anyone who has not yet requested service, we will not be able to install service once the ground freezes.  Any winter requests for service will be put on a spring 2023 installation list.  So don’t wait if you want connectivity through the winter.
Here is a recap of the pricing and services that will be available:
Essential Fiber Service:  100Mbps @ $70/mo
Family Fiber Service:  500Mbps @ $99/mo
Home Office Fiber Service:  1000Mbps (or 1Gbps) @ $180/mo
Installation Fee Schedule:
$300 for first 500 feet of cable run between roadway and the home
$150 for each additional 500 feet
$100 if we need to bore under driveway or sidewalk
We expect most customers will see an installation fee of $300.  You will be informed of the fee before any digging takes place.
I also want to let everyone know that SonicNet participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program provided by the FCC.  You can learn more about this program at  You’ll find a link to submit your household’s information to determine whether you are eligible for this program that provides a $30 discount on your SonicNet monthly fee.
Let SonicNet know if you have any questions by calling 888.631.9666, ext 100, or email
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Lori Collins