Fixed Wireless Installation Process

Installation Process

We've modified our installation process so that our techs remain distanced from our customers at all times. You will receive our most recent procedure with your appointment confirmation.

  • 1
    Confirm a Strong Signal
    At your home our technician(s) will confirm a wireless signal to one of the SonicNet towers.
  • 2
    Mount Antenna
    A small antenna/radio will be mounted to face the tower.
  • 3
    Run Ethernet Cable
    We run a cable from the antenna to a power injector inside the home, and from there to a wireless router.
  • 4
    Configure Devices
    Our technician will then configure the outdoor radio and indoor router settings.
  • 5
    Test Performance
    We then confirm that the service is working beautifully and WiFi is covering the home.
  • 6
    Your high speed internet installation is complete!
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