Fiber Internet Service Plans

Fiber Optic Internet Services No Data Limits, No Hidden Fees

Service starting in Late Summer 2022 in the Town of Washington (Eagle River)

Bronze Service

100 Mbps

  • Great work-from-home service!
  • $70/month

Silver Service

500 Mbps

  • Great for large family gatherings at the lake!
  • $130/month

Platinum Service

1 Gig

  • The ultimate in connectivity!
  • $180/month

Other Fees and Options

Managed WiFi: $10/month

Our new Managed WiFi service takes away the worry of device connectivity.  Issues can be diagnosed and usually solved remotely, so that you can get back to doing the things you love most, which don't include WiFi testing.  This service requires a mesh wireless router system.  Ask for the current device pricing, as prices have been fluctuating recently.  The router and satellite(s) can be paid in one charge or spread over several months.  

Service Suspension

Residential accounts have the option of suspending service for up to 2 months each calendar year. Note that WiFi-connected devices will not work if service is suspended.

DirecTV Bundle

Now you can get your internet and TV services bundled for optimum convenience.  SonicNet will offer DirecTV Streaming service for all Fiber customers.  More information coming soon.

Service Installation

Most Installation fees for fiber service will be between $300 and $500, depending on length of fiber run from roadway to the home. Some installations may be higher.  Prices will be provided up front after a site survey to measure the distance and assess any unusual features of the property. Ask about multi-month fee payments.

Service calls: $75/hour

If we have to roll a truck, this is the labor charge.  Most technical issues can be resolved by phone (which is free, free, free!).  Call 888.631.9666, ext 105, for Technical Support or to check about any known issues.