Fiber Internet Service Plans

Fiber Optic Internet Services No Data Limits, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

Now taking reservations for 2024 installations in areas listed below.  Paperless billing and autopay are required for fees noted.

Essential Fiber Service

300 Mbps

  • Basic service for smaller families
  • $79/month

Family Fiber Service

500 Mbps

  • Great for large family gatherings at the lake
  • $99/month

Home Office Fiber Service

1 Gig

  • Perfect for remote workers
  • $189/month

Other Fees and Options for Your Fiber Connection

Fiber Optic Service Areas: Eagle River

All of Bass Lake

E Cranberry Lake Rd

Rangeline Rd

Eagle Waters Rd

Brenner Ln

Golf View Rd

Alder Ln

All of Scattering Rice Lake

Oakhill Ln

Oak Ln

Tambling Ln (off Rangeline Rd)

Highway 70 between Forest Ln & Rangeline Rd

Now available:  most of Everett Road peninsula and Old 70

Service Installation

Most Installation fees for fiber service will be between $300 and $500, depending on length of fiber run from roadway to the home. Some installations may be higher.  Prices will be provided up front after a site survey is performed to measure the distance and assess any unusual features of the property. Ask about multi-month fee payments available for the Installation fee.

Service calls: $100/hour

If we have to roll a truck, this is the labor charge.  Most technical issues can be resolved by phone (which is free, free, free!).  Call 715-301-0600, ext 105, for Technical Support or to check about any known issues.

Managed WiFi Included

You've chosen the best internet service available, so only the best Managed WiFi service will do.  Issues can be diagnosed and usually solved remotely, so that you can get back to doing the things you love most, which don't include WiFi troubleshooting.  This is required equipment to ensure the very best service. And the cost is included with your monthly service fee.  Additional mesh units for larger homes extra.

Service Suspension Option

Residential accounts have the option of suspending service for a period of time each year.  Please contact us for more information.

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