Fiber Internet Installation Process

Installation Process

Most Installation fees for fiber service will be between $300 and $500, depending on length of fiber run from roadway to the home. Some installations may be higher.  Prices will be provided up front after a site survey to measure the distance and assess any unusual features of the property.

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    Site Survey
    Once fiber-to-the-home service has been requested, we will send a crew to the property to measure the driveway length, note any landscaping, tree, rock or easement issues, and provide the customer with an installation quote. Diggers Hotline is then requested to mark underground utilities in the planned work area.
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    Bury Cable and Install Exterior Cable Box
    The next step is for our skilled operators to trench and bury the cable from the road right of way to the home. The technician will then attach a small plastic box to the side of the home and connect the ground cable to a jumper cable inside the box.
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    Install Connection Inside the Building
    The jumper cable from the exterior box will be inserted through a small hole in the exterior wall of the home.
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    Connect to Router
    The jumper cable will be connected to a wireless router in the home for the WiFi connection.
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    Test Performance
    We then confirm that the service is working beautifully and WiFi is covering the home.
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    Installers will clean up the work area, making sure sod is replaced over the narrow trench, and your fiber optic internet installation is complete!
Laying the cable for high speed  internet