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Our New World

I think we all are amazed at the changes in our lives over the past few weeks.  It feels like one day everything was totally normal — we had meetings and lunch dates scheduled.  We chatted face to face with our work colleagues.   …


Cybersecurity: How to Stay Safe Online

Everyone is concerned about safety online.  No one wants to deal with a computer virus, someone hacking his social media account or finding that her email account is compromised.  These are the top five things to do RIGHT NOW to make sure your online activity is safe:

  1. Create and use unusual passwords and use a password manager —
  2.  …


How Much Bandwidth Do I Need to Cut the Cord?

This is a question that we are asked nearly every day.  And of course no one wants to hear, “Well, it depends.”  But the fact is, it really does depend on how an individual household uses its broadband. …


Cutting the Cord: My Experience With TV Streaming

This past summer, I gave myself a task:  research and find the best TV streaming service and hardware for my home in northern Wisconsin.  It needed to be reliable, robust and easy to use.  I’ve had satellite TV for over 22 years, …

Canva - Woman Using Macbook Pro on Table

The changing needs of internet connectivity

This upcoming month is another milestone for SonicNet as we will celebrate our 12th birthday!  Just like New Year’s Day for many of us, we find that our birthday month is a time for reflection and setting new goals to continuously improve our customers’ …