Broadband in the Age of COVID-19


This has been some month, and I think we’re really just beginning to understand how bad this virus is for our economic, emotional and social lives.  When we take into account that we aren’t likely to see a vaccine available for at least another six to nine months (if then), the summer, fall and winter of 2020 looks grim indeed.

But one bright spot in all of this is the ability for many of us to work from home, learn from home, and socialize from home…as long as we have broadband service.  And I know that is a very big “as long as” since we know there are areas of the North Woods still without great options for connectivity.

We’ve been exploring many sources of funding to help with the infrastructure build out required to reach more homes and small businesses.  We have new tower builds in the pipeline, and in nearly all cases we are working out the final details.  But even though we can build towers quickly, there is still significant planning to be done prior to each build.

We will continue to push for additional tower sites that meet both our and prospective customers’ needs.  If you have a medium-to-large parcel near a lakefront and are interested in talking about a tower, get in touch any time.

In the meantime, we will make sure our active customers are able to work, stream, learn and Zoom so life can go on in this new and different way.