Bass Lake Fiber Project Gets Started!

Residents on Bass Lake and East Cranberry Lake Rd, including off-shooting shorter roads, will start seeing lots of construction activity in the rights of way the week of May 23rd, weather cooperating.

SonicNet’s new fiber-to-the-home broadband service will be available later this summer to everyone along the fiber route that is being installed.  Our contractor’s teams will be very active as they trench along the roadway, under solid driveways, and around trees in order to bury the fiber.

First the crews trench and bury the orange conduit and set the vaults, handholes and fiber markers (those white posts with orange tops you see along some roadways).  Then they come back later and literally blow the fiber cable through the conduit, splicing where needed.

All of that work is performed in the public right of way, with no work being performed on private property at that stage (except for private roads where we’ll be getting easements from the property owners).

You can expect a certain amount of construction mess in the area where the crews are working, including disrupted soil, tree limbs that may need to be trimmed, some rocks that are dug up by the trencher, etc.  This debris will be cleaned up, and soil will be replaced and seeded so that within a few weeks, the only thing you’ll see that is different are the orange-topped fiber markers every so often.

Our goal is transparent communication with everyone, and we have a team of folks who will share information:  the Town of Washington via its monthly newsletter and website, Cranberry and Bass lake representatives who will get information out via the lake association communications, and SonicNet will continue to provides updates on this blog page, our Facebook and Instagram pages, Nextdoor, and Jim will be available via email at or by phone at 1-888-631-9666, ext. 103.

The biggest question, of course, is when customers can expect to get connected.  That work will take place once the fiber is installed and tested in the rights of way.  So we are currently estimating mid to late July to get started.  We will soon have our Fiber tab here on the website active with the services to be offered, pricing, and information about installation fees.  Look for that in the next couple of weeks.

SonicNet will have our project lead, Reid, on site periodically during this phase to make sure he is available to answer any questions that residents may have.  Just look for the young man in this photo, who may knock on your door when the crew works in your specific area:reid-sonicnet